Sunday, September 14, 2014

Checking In and Catching Up!

Hello my friends! It's been a while since I've checked in. Progress is being made on my cookbook project. I have a working title: Adirondack Baker - The Occasional Cookbook. The outline of chapters has been decided and recipes are being chosen. The narrative writing is about to begin, and a letter to potential publishers is next... I'm in that "hurry up and wait" phase, but since this is my first book project ever, even this part is exciting!

Meanwhile -  please don't think I've abandoned the blog - I haven't. The hope is that you will use the blog's five years of archived stories and recipes to tide you over while the cookbook is underway. Meanwhile, I can't resist sharing recent photos (which I will do periodically - so check back!).

Life goes on and my little guys are becoming bigger little guys! Henry is six and a half, is in first grade now, and has lost many of his front teeth! Pete has started his 4-year-old preschool class (he'll be four in October) and tells me many interesting things each day. For example - today we heard something outside and I said, "Hey Pete, what was that?" and he replied "That sound noise is my ears talking. Don't worry, my ears can talk, you know." He fascinates me, this child!

So, here are some photos for you to enjoy, and I'll be back soon, promise!

Sweet Pete!

Onesie cake for Colleen Hursh's soon-to-arrive baby!

For friends Tricia and Jeremy -
wedding cake for a wonderful reception on Lake George!

Had to find something to do with the abundance of peaches
from Katie's tree, right here in our yard!

Boys on a Sunday morning!

Late Summer Boat Ride on Sacandaga Lake!

As summer turns to fall, I'll be back with updates and more pictures (there will always be photos) so please remember to stop back and check.

I miss writing and hearing from you, and I will be back!

All the best,