Thursday, May 28, 2009

A New Kitchen and an Old Mixer

Saratoga is really greening up with all this rain! It looks like a tropical rain forest around here! In this part of the world there are many months without foliage so all this lush abundance is appreciated. Wouldn't it be great if the rain could schedule itself between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. and leave the daylight hours for nothing but sunshine? In my perfect world!

Many of you know that I have been transitioning between homes over the past few months. I've been very fortunate to be living with my sister Patsy and her husband Don while my new home is being built. I couldn't have asked for better accomodations or more gracious hosts, though we didn't know I'd be there this long! Within a few weeks I'll be moving into a brand-spankin-new apartment over the garage of a new home being built by my oldest daughter Katie and her husband Bill. Katie calls it the "granny flat!" This is a very exciting time. The best part is that I'll be living close to little grandson Henry (and Katie and Bill!) and the second-best part is that my new kitchen will be HUGE and very baker-friendly! My old apartment was in a 19th-century building in downtown Saratoga. It was so small I rarely had company (with the exception of the occasional BAT!). There was little natural light and the galley kitchen was so tiny that I could reach everything by just spinning in place! There was no room for a kitchen table and meals were served at a breakfast bar outfitted with two stools. So you can see why this new kitchen in a wonderful thing.

Speaking of this new kitchen, my favorite appliances and utensils will be happy there too. My most precious appliance is my decades-old Kitchen Aid mixer. Aside from my children, it's by far the best gift my ex-husband ever gave me. He purchased it at the old Carl Company store back in the mid-80s. We've been through a lot together: it's seen me through the toughest of gingerbread doughs and the lightest of meringues, and still comes back for more. I hope it hangs on for decades more. The fanciest tricked-out mixer will never take its place in my heart. Not to say that it's all been rosy; I once stupidly plugged it in while the mixer head was up and my right arm got pummeled between the rotating beater and the bowl. I had never realized how powerful that motor was until that moment. Now there was a bruise! Note to self and a warning to others: always make sure the mixer is turned off and in position before powering on!

Tomorrow's blog: Cinnamon Rolls!


  1. Hi Aunt Jeanne! LOVE the blog-will have to start compiling all of your amazing recipes! Henry's cake is the cutest thing ever!

  2. Thanks Tina! This is a bit of an obsession right now. It's fun and interesting and makes me want to be very productive! I really appreciate your support and will post some fantastic recipes and stories for you. I'd love some of your great recipes, too. Those salads you made when we visited were exceptional, so feel free to share!

  3. It does not matter having an old mixer as long as it is still functional and good looking.

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