Monday, June 15, 2009

Lake George Wedding!

This weekend I attended a wedding on a magnificent old boat, The Horicon, on my beloved Lake George. This wedding is a second chance at happiness for both the bride and groom, whose calm certainty fills me with confidence that they will live out their lives in happy couple-hood. There were six little children, all nieces and nephews of the bride, celebrating the day: four girls, two baby boys, all decked out, appropriately, in nautical navy-blue and white.

My gift to the couple was their wedding cake, featuring three tiers of cupcakes and an 8-inch cake on top. All this confection was displayed on a custom-made stand. I’d looked and looked and couldn’t find a decent cupcake stand for wedding cakes, so I hired a friend to make one for me. It cost me $35.00 and two cases of Corona and is one of the best investments I’ve ever made! French vanilla along with pineapple-coconut were the flavors of the day. Since not everyone loves coconut, there had to be an alternative, so classic vanilla it was. I adorned the cake with white flowers and baby’s breath, and it was really beautiful in its simplicity (she says humbly).

I love weddings. They remind me that there’s optimism in this world. They prompt us to appreciate our own relationships, past and present, which have formed us. In celebrating a new marriage, weddings also provide opportunity to pause for a moment to acknowledge all forms of love in our lives.

Baking a couple’s wedding cake is certainly a lot of work, and in this case it was particularly a “labor of love.” It is an honor that very few people realize, and I am very grateful.

Photo credit: Jeannie Eddy

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