Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My 100th Blog Posting and 100 Favorite Things!

Here I am, just over four months and 100 entries into blogging, and it feels great. I promised myself I’d try it for six months to see if blogging and I are compatible, and though there are two months of this trial-run to go, it seems we are.

For this entry, I’m listing 100 of some of my favorite things. (In compiling this list, it became clear that I have WAY more than 100 favorite things!) Heck, Oprah has her favorite things. Rachael Ray does too. Why not a relatively unknown, largely unread blogger? We have our favorite things too!

Here are mine, in alphabetical order:

  1. A book I can’t put down
  2. A warm car on a cold morning
  3. Asparagus, beyond al dente, hot with butter and salt
  4. Baby Boom (Diane Keaton)
  5. Birthday dinners for my siblings
  6. Blogging
  7. Bolton Landing
  8. Butternut squash soup
  9. Cake pans with straight sides
  10. Caribbean cruise
  11. Carly Simon
  12. Carolyn’s kitchen table with a cup of tea
  13. Cheez-its
  14. Christmas Eve
  15. Clean closets
  16. Coconut anything!
  17. Coconut-scented shampoo
  18. Comfortable shoes
  19. Cousins
  20. David Letterman
  21. Diet Coke (12-step program needed)
  22. Dogs, preferably drool-free and well-behaved
  23. Down comforter
  24. Eddie Bauer outlet
  25. Ellie Krieger “The Food You Crave” Cookbook
  26. Flannel sheets
  27. Focastle Farm, Burnt Hills
  28. Funny Farm (Chevy Chase)
  29. Going to the movies
  30. Gold-toe socks
  31. Good sunglasses
  32. Google
  33. Grammy Eddy’s spaghetti
  34. Grandson Henry’s toes
  35. Hats on babies
  36. Henry, all over
  37. HGTV
  38. Honey Crisp apples
  39. Hot fudge
  40. Irish-knit sweaters
  41. It’s a Wonderful Life
  42. Jake’s Round-up in South Glens Falls
  43. James Taylor
  44. Jimmy Stewart
  45. Katherine Hepburn’s brownies
  46. Katie’s Nikon Coolpix camera (I’m coveting it).
  47. Knitting just to knit
  48. Label maker
  49. Lake George
  50. Leave it to Beaver
  51. Lindt truffles
  52. Little Women
  53. Longfellow’s, Saratoga Springs
  54. Lunch with my sisters
  55. Lunch with Sue and Kim
  56. Manchester, Vermont
  57. Martha Stewart Living magazine
  58. Matt Littrell’s chocolate cake
  59. Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracey Kidder
  60. My electric toothbrush
  61. My grandmother’s crocheted coat hangers
  62. My kids all together at once
  63. My kids, of course
  64. My Skidmore class ring
  65. No-iron shirts
  66. Non-stop flights
  67. Old photos
  68. Palm trees
  69. Papyrus note paper
  70. Patsy’s fruit salad
  71. Peter, Paul, and Mary
  72. Pfaltzgraff Farmer’s Market dishes
  73. Reunions
  74. Rice pudding
  75. Russ
  76. Saturday morning breakfast with friends
  77. Shops and restaurants in Greenwich, New York
  78. Smitten Kitchen
  79. Socks as slippers
  80. Sun roof
  81. Sutton’s Market in Queensbury, NY
  82. Sweet-and-sour chicken
  83. Taper candles
  84. Thank you notes, to send and receive
  85. Thanksgiving at my ex-husband’s house
  86. The Barefoot Contessa
  87. The Beatles
  88. The Brooklyn Bridge (singing group, 60s)
  89. The Ed Sullivan Show
  90. The Food Network
  91. The Outer Banks of North Carolina
  92. The Today Show
  93. Thick, creamy vanilla yogurt
  94. Trader Joe’s
  95. Traveling anywhere!
  96. WAMC
  97. Washcloths
  98. Wedding cake
  99. Wegman’s grocery stores
  100. Wiawaka

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