Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year 2011!

I've learned over the years that big resolutions fall by the wayside, so I've been thinking of little things that I can incorporate into my life to make each day more meaningful, to add quality to my life.  There are the usual ambitions -- eat better, exercise more, deliberately save money.  My friend Sue reminds me that little changes, incorporated slowly, can have a big cumulative effect.  So, for 2011, here are some of the little things I have intentions of adopting:

1.  Drink more water.  From what I've read, it truly is the elixer for a healthier life. 
2.  Make time for people I don't see often enough, and change that to see them, often enough.  Especially my Aunt Jeanne (soon, I hope).
3.  Read more.  I don't have cable TV, but I still find it challenging to just sit and read (actually, I seem to have trouble sitting and relaxing!).  I have a pile of good books just waitng for me!
4.  Start swimming again, starting with just a couple of laps.  Because (1) I love it and (2) I'm good at it.  It's the only exercise where I truly get "in the zone" - have to watch out for hitting my head on the pool wall when I'm doing the back stroke!  (I can solve so many problems when I'm swimming!)
5.  Plan for good things or they'll never happen.  I like the idea of a goal, whether it's for a trip to see my daughter or to buy new tires.  Whatever it is, it feels good to set the goal and realize it. 
6.  Discover the world again, through Henry's eyes, and now Peter's.  There's nothing as exciting as those early discoveries, and I feel so lucky to be able to share this time with my little grandsons!
7.  Put down the buttercream and pick up a paint brush - healthier all the way around! 
8.  More beach time.  Absolutely necessary.
9.  Cook more and eat out less.  Wisdom I heard the other day:  eat "from the farm, not the factory."
10.  Spend at least a few intentional minutes each day thinking positively.  My father was a big fan of Norman Vincent Peale, who once said "Change your thoughts, change your world."  Now, those are good words to launch a new year by! 

And finally:  a very sincere thank you to my readers.  This December ADKBaker realized 2,169 visits, compared to just over 600 last December.  I'm very grateful.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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  1. Love these New Year's resolutions because they are real...they are not lofty or just things to make you feel better! They are attainable and will satisfy you when you accomplish them! I second the motion on all of them and may even "borrow" them from you! In reality, they are alot like mine this year and its made me feel better already for these past 5 days! Thanks for sharing!