Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to all my ADKBaker readers!  I've had a busy Valentine's Day weekend, with Russ arriving Thursday night and leaving this morning.  We had an early celebration dinner last night at the rustic and beautiful  Cock 'N Bull Restaurant in Galway, NY, just a few miles from home.  We both ordered wild salmon stuffed with roasted red peppers and served with a light lemon sauce.  Russ had the caramelized onion mashed potatoes while I (being a newly enrolled and enthusiastic Weight Watcher!) had a double serving of vegetables which were seasoned green and yellow string beans and carrots.  It was a lovely dinner in a beautiful setting. 

I've had fun this weekend, too, with my little grandsons.  Katie and Henry made cut-out Valentine hearts to decorate the doors and windows.  Henry came upstairs and "helped" me decorate a cake.  I sliced off the tops of my two layers and they became Henry's very own decorated cake. 

I'm cherishing these waning hours of my weekend, trying to mentally avoid late-weekend letdown and the fact that I have to rise (and maybe shine) at 5:55 a.m. in order to be in the gym by 7:00.  I have to deliberatly force myself to NOT think of the piles of work and challenges I'm facing once I arrive in the office, and instead focus on this day and the hours I still have to enjoy being at home. 

In honor of Valentine's Day, I'm linking you here to last year's post about Heart-Shaped Sugar Cookies.  They were incredible.  I sent a box to Meghan last year, all the way to Long Beach, CA, and she never received them.  Some lucky, greedy interloper enjoyed them instead.  But the good wishes that went along with them made their way there, and will again this year. 

Here are a few photos of this weekend:

Henry's cake

My cake

Construction paper hearts
by Katie and Henry

The boys...

Chocolate covered strawberries!
Happy Valentine's Day to all of you!


  1. Oh....this just made my heart REALLY glad that someone else was dreading the weekend to be over with as much as I am!!! Is that sad? or sick? in some twisted's nice to know that there is someone else out there that savors their time spent with family and loved ones and that doesn't "love" their work more!!!! Happy Valentines Day to you!!! Hope you saw my earlier post on Happy Valentine's Day! I was quite pleased with myself that I've finally learned how to WRITE and GOOGLE all at the same time!!! Anyway....loved your post!!!

  2. I love your blog and just wish I had more time (don't we all)to read it. I enjoy seeing you and reading your words; I've missed you and so many friends from back there. I'm finishing my last 2 classes for my AS degree (hence my lack of time & energy). Want to go on for my Bachelors but not sure at this point.

  3. I am a Skidmore student and wanted to comment on the chocolate covered strawberries shown as the last picture. I had completely forgotten about the time when I tried to make chocolate covered strawberries for my parents 20th wedding anniversary and semi-messed it up by having the strawberries stick to the wax paper underneath. That resulted in a both funny and sad aftermath at the time, but now I am just regretful I haven't made as many delicious foods as you have enjoyed!