Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wow, nice birthday...

It's the Ides of March.  That means I'm fifty-eight today.  I am.  Twenty-nice twice!   Wow, it seems impossible, but at the same time I realize there's been a whole lot packed into these almost-six decades!  I'm a little reflective tonight, remembering birthdays past, and so happy to have spent time or talked with all five of my children today.  Katie put together a fantastic dinner of filet mignon, shrimp, baked potatoes, and green beans -- all my favorites.  Jeff made a salad with a home-made creamy dill dressing (great!), and the crowning glory was the birthday cake Henry and Katie made today.  Pete helped, too.  He sat in a booster seat while they decorated the cake and he gave his enthusiastic approval for the frosting!

It was a great day, all-around.  Friends at work surprised me with a little celebration right after lunch (Carvel ice cream cake, yea!).  Russ sent a less-than-appropriate card to my office address which I embarrassingly opened in front of my co-workers! It wasn't dirty or obscene, but one of those cards you snicker at in the card store but are too embarrassed to actually buy - well, he wasn't, obviously!  I talked to most of my six siblings today, and was overwhelmed by birthday greetings on facebook.  It's just amazing.  Most people asked something like " who's making YOUR cake?"  Well, Henry and Katie did, and did such a great job.  I was over the moon happy with every little thing.  My most spectacular gift was Henry's big surprise, the one he could barely contain for the past week:  three squirt guns which he's decided should, for some reason, stay at his house until the warm weather when we'll use them outside! One for me, one for Henry, and one for Pete.   He and Pete also gave me a beautiful card of their choosing - it had a dinosaur on it and a "5" - just missing the "8" but that's OK!  My son-in-law Bill gave me a card addressed to "Monster-in-law!"  We all know he doesn't mean it (?)....

Henry with the gift he chose for ME!

Tonight finds me baking again, for two parties on Saturday.  The first is a bridal shower for my friend Puddy's daughter, Lindsay, and the second is for a friend's St. Patrick's Day party.  I have two cakes in the oven now, and one to go in as soon as they come out.  The St. Patrick's Day cake is white cake marbled with dark chocolate and Kelly green batter.  Thought I'd mix things up a bit so when they cut into the cake, they'll be surprised!

I'd love to go to bed, but the baker in me has too much to do before I can turn off the lights...

Thanks so much to all my friends and family who helped to make the switch from 57 to 58 not only bearable, but a very happy day as well.  I send you all my love and gratitude.



A little celebration and a lot of joy....


  1. You deserved every moment of that happiness and joy. I hope it carries you through the rest of the year (or at least until you can break-out those fantastic water guns!)