Tuesday, May 1, 2012

And the winner is....Weezie Foye!

Congratulations to Weezie Foye,  the first winner in a year-long monthly contest for followers who comment on blog posts!  Weezie has won an 8" round 2-layer cake, and she will collect on her winnings when she's back in Saratoga Springs over the summer.  This first drawing proved to be quite a success.  My motives are somewhat selfish -- I'm trying to increase the number of followers as well as comments on my blog posts.  We're off to a good start, so I am very encouraged.  It's very much a goal to increase readership and to have Adirondack Baker experience a wider audience.  Currently, new posts are linked to my facebook page, and occasionally "tweeted" (though I am not yet very Twitter-saavy).  It's almost three years since this blog was born, and my feeling is that ADK Baker is ready for a growth spurt.  I'm researching some more sophisticated Web designs in an effort to have a more polished blog presence, but at the same time don't want to lose that "homespun" quality that appeals to many of this blog's followers. 

Thank you to all those who come back now and then to see what's new.  I so appreciate the time you take out of your day to read the posts.  It's an honor to write for you, and I hope you continue to enjoy reading Adirondack Baker!

I'll close with some recent photos, just because I know you enjoy them!

All the best, and Happy May Day!

Henry, friend Reyna, and Pete
Happy 90th Birthday, Mr. Selig!
Henry's 4th Birthday Cake! 
He's now a Star Wars fan (just the toys, not the movies yet!)
Snapshots of a very happy day!


  1. Awesome for your giveaway winner! So exciting that you're doing this :) And I LOVE all the wonderful pics of Henry's 4th b'day!!!

    1. Thanks Colleen - hope it works to bring in more followers and comments! Weez, winner # 1, is terrific and I am very happy her name was pulled. And Henry's 4th birthday party was lots of fun, and he loved his Star Wars cake, so everything turned out very well. Appreciate your comments, as always!


  2. Events like this make blog commenting real fun.