Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Week

I didn't think I had much to write about today, but I was wrong!

Today's the Superbowl, and while I'm not a HUGE football fan, I do like the Denver Broncos because I really like the Manning family, and I think Peyton is a great guy. That's my one and only reason for rooting for the Broncos, but I have nothing against Seattle and the Seahawks, either. In fact, I won't be home for the pre-game festivities and early TV coverage - I'm meeting my son Jeffrey out for dinner, and when I get home, I have a date with my addiction - Downton Abbey! But, I will watch the later part of the game AND hope to catch the half-time show with Bruno Mars. I love Bruno Mars - he's an incredible talent. So, I will be one of the gazillion people watching the Superbowl, though not for the football, or the commercials, but to see Peyton Manning in action, and to enjoy Bruno's talent at half-time. It's not that I don't understand football. I understand it very well! My high-school boyfriend (then future ex-husband) was a very talented player and I learned the game very well. My Dad was a huge sports fan as well, so there were a lot of weekend football games on the field and also on TV at home. So I know the difference between a first and fourth down, a touch down and an extra point, off-sides and a flag on a play. My football IQ is right up there, but I honestly haven't watched football on TV since my Dad passed away in 1993. Just haven't.

This has been an eventful week. Most significantly - I am incredibly grateful that my youngest sister weathered a very difficult surgery and is home recovering.  Puts everything in perspective, believe me! She's such a strong and beautiful person, and I am so proud of her! She has a wonderful husband (who happens to look very much like Peyton Manning) and four devoted sons - she is so blessed in that regard. Plus she has six siblings and an extended network of family and friends who love her beyond measure.  She is very deserving of all good wishes.

And there's happy news for my daughter Katie and her family:

We have a new addition - my grandsons Henry and Peter have a new little puppy, a Bernese Mountain Dog named Freya. She's 10 weeks and adorable.  She joins Oden, their 8-year old Black Lab.

Freya, 10-weeks old!

I think I can, I think I can (and she did!)

I made a pretty cute cake for bachelorette party. My friend Mary asked if I could make it for her friend's celebration and just asked for a blonde woman and a man with brown hair on motorcycles, and this is what I came up with! (The cake was half French vanilla and half dark chocolate, side by side).

Ride into the Wind!

I've been battling a wicked cold for two weeks, and finally, it seems to be leaving! I've been on a strong antibiotic for a few days to clear my head, and I feel so much better, finally! I am wondering if this winter's strain of colds are worse than before, or if I'm just having trouble shaking it because I'm getting older (six weeks to sixty!)…

I got to spend some fun time with H & P, too. Here they are enjoying a movie on Netflix on my Kindl this morning:

Peter (L) and Henry (R)

Anyway, it's been an eventful week in the O'Farrell/Eddy/Hofmann world, and I am happy to say that, after every real-life thing, it's been a super week!


  1. Such a cute puppy, I bet Oden is a little put out:) You do know that Bruno Mars is an Ohau native don't you? The crowd here is anxiously waiting to see him during half time. So happy to hear Anne is doing well, many prayers have carried her through this difficult time.

    1. Sue, hope the Oahu crowd was proud of their home-town star! I loved the half-time show! And thanks for your kind words about Anne. She's a trooper. And the new puppy - so cute! Great to hear from you!