Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Blast from the ADK Baker Blog Past: Home Made Oreos from 2012

It seems appropriate to dig into my bag of goodies and bring back a great recipe! This is an encore of a recipe I posted way back in 2012 - for Home Made Oreos!

Click on the link below and go back to the cookie future with me - and enjoy a couple of Home Made Oreos with a tall glass of ice cold milk!



  1. The homemade Oreos look amazing. I could use one right about now.

  2. Do you deliver? Mike and I would like two (or like ten) for our dessert tonight :-D

  3. Yes, I do want lemon scones! I will have to comment once/day and hope for the best...

  4. These oreos look delicious. Don't forget the glass of cold milk! Sue Dunbar Smith