Thursday, May 29, 2014

Encore Presentation: My Mother's Meatloaf

It's "Turn Back Thursday" and nothing reminds me more of dinners at home in my mother's kitchen than her wonderful meatloaf. I've written about it before, and am posting the link below.

As I announced in my last post, I'll be re-posting recipes from the past five years while I write my cookbook! There's a treasure trove of great recipes that deserve a second look. Here's the first of many!

#TBT to my mother's meatloaf! Recipe, once again, right here!

Check back for more great re-runs and updates about progress with the cookbook! Speaking of which, I'm in the research phase right now. So exciting!

NOTE: If you have an especially favorite family recipe that you continue to make or enjoy, please share it with me for possible inclusion in the cookbook. In a couple of paragraphs, provide the story and tradition behind the recipe, and a few words about why it means something to you. A photo associated with the recipe or memory would be great (of the person who shared the recipe with you, of them and you, anything), and of course the recipe itself. I'll be testing recipes soon so get those recipes in and maybe you'll see your family's story and recipe in the cookbook!

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