Monday, September 21, 2009

Living Disney, Day Two

Yesterday was very warm and humid as we trekked about our resort and others, and last night we took the ferry (a.k.a. waterbus) from Old Key West to Downtown Disney and Pleasure Island, this time exploring the Marketplace section of this isle-o-fun. The air is filled with music and little children and bigger people are moved to dance in response. We went in and out of shops and stopped at every restaurant along the way to read the posted menus. We finally chose Portobello Yacht Club, a beautiful Italian restaurant overlooking the water. It's right next to Fulton's Crab House (a huge Mississippi-style steam ship that houses a great seafood restaurant where my daughter Katie and I had dinner eight years ago, after she graduated from college).

Portobellos is designed by Wolfgang Puck (his own restaurant is located on the island as well) and is not filled with Disney icons or cutesy characters- no sign of them - it's a beautiful, authentic Italian restaurant with a warm and inviting atmosphere. It is moderately priced (my spaghetti and meatballs was about $20) and the servings are generous. My sister Patsy loved her linguini with clam sauce and Ginny and Steven both ordered individual wood-fired pizzas and salads. Our attentive server brought out little ciabatta bread rolls and roasted garlic and olive oil as a prelude to our meal. I ate about half my dinner (probably because of that strawberry daiquiri!). The sauce was one that tasted long-simmered and my pasta was done perfectly. I love spaghetti and meatballs, and am particular about the meatballs. These were small, flavorful, and soft -- just the way I like them. I've been to restaurants where the meatballs are too big, too hard, and lacking in flavor. So, I was very satisfied. After dinner we walked the length of this big, happy island, from the Cirque de Soleil tent to the House of Blues, and took our time. The crowds were thin on a Sunday night, and it seemed a different experience from the busier pace of the previous night.

The sun is shining this morning and we'll be venturing out soon. My "roommates" are all still asleep and I am enjoying a few quiet moments. I've got my eye on the pool. We got back too late last night to take advantage of the evening swim.

Loving every minute of this relaxing vacation!
Photo credit: Google images wolfgang/diningroom.jpg

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