Thursday, September 24, 2009

Disney Magic - Serves Four or More

Disney Magic – serves four or more

Take four adult siblings who haven’t traveled together in years

  • Remove from their day-to-day routine
  • Put them on a plane to Orlando
  • Mix all together in a beautiful suite in Disney’s Old Key West resort
  • Slowly stir in a riverboat ride (repeat often)
  • Fold in some night life at Pleasure Island
  • Generously sprinkle with sunshine and toss in a pool, making sure to use the slide as often as possible
  • Stop to add photos
  • Incorporate an evening stroll and dinner at the Boardwalk
  • Laugh like fools until sides hurt
  • When done, remove from vacation but be careful to remember all the fun
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  1. OK, so apparently I'm addicted to your blog now, since I got so sad when it wasn't there for 2 days. I think I was living vicariously through your vacation...pitiful, I'm just pitiful! Continue with all of the Disney Magic, it's the best! Love to Patsy, Ginny, Steven and of!