Monday, August 16, 2010

Beach House, Day 1

OK, let me just say I love it here.  This is my fifth or sixth trip to Emerald Isle, NC, with my sister Anne's family.  This house is GORGEOUS.  Like most of the homes in this part of Emerald Isle, the living area is up on the top floor allowing for the best ocean views.   Bedrooms are one floor below, and a rec room is on the bottom floor.  Porches abound.  This house is decorated in a very nautical theme, with a little bit of 50s kitcsh in the kitchen! 

  Anne and John drove the entire distance and arrived just minutes before me.  Once we went grocery shopping (3 carts-full) and settled in, we decided to hit the beach for a late afternoon swim and happy hour.  The ocean water temperature was just right, still cool but not too warm, and the breeze off the ocean provided a refreshing cooler -- that and beverages on ice.  Anne's boys played football on the beach and it was so good to just sit, relax, and enjoy each others' company.

Dinner last night was burgers and dogs on the grill, with baked beans and a Caprisi salad.  After dinner, I was so tired after three flights and one cab ride to get here, and then all the fun, I went to bed and everyone else stayed up to play Apples to Apples, a card game that had them laughing until midnight (I hear) but I was so knocked out I didn't hear them. 

Cute Kitchen

There's no schedule or agenda this morning.  Patrick and Ben got up early to play golf.  Jack and Kristin are swimming in the pool after an 8-mile run (she's preparing for a half-marathon).  Will is still sleeping (11:10 a.m!).  John made a breakfast of eggs, Canadian Bacon, and toast.  I'm blogging away, looking forward to a day of nothing-in-particular.  There's a sign above the window overlooking the beach that says "Another Day in Paradise."  Ain't that the truth!

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  1. The place looks beautiful, and the company is outstanding. Settle down and enjoy every minute of your deserve it!