Thursday, August 19, 2010

Stormy Weather in Paradise

After four glorious days, an incredible storm rolled in last night, just as we were getting ready for dinner.  There was no grilling last night -- we had decided earlier to take a break and order pizza.  The boys and I enjoyed some time on the 3rd floor deck, in awe of the approaching storm clouds.  The sky was black and we could actually see the entire front approaching from the southwest.  It was quite a contrast from the cloudless blue sky of the previous day.

A Perfect Day!

Beach Umbrellas Under a Bright Blue Sky!

Lights flickered on and off a few times, and we were ready with the one candle we could find, just in case, though we never lost power.  The panoramic lightning show all around this many-windowed house provided a lot of "oohs" and "Did you see that?" and "Wow!" and forced a few of us away from the windows, actually concerned that we were too close to the action! 

Up on the Roof!

A seaside storm is an awesome thing.  We're pretty sure that one lightning bolt made contact close to home.  We saw the strike and heard a crack.  My sister Anne said that lightning finds them -- they have a history of lightning strikes finding their real-life homes:  one house was struck twice, another once!  Fortunately, it didn't find us last night!

Skies Overhead

We were off to an easy start this morning.  Patrick and John went to play 9 holes of golf.  Anne and I went to find breakfast out -- a little place called Emerald Grill where a breakfasat platter is $4.99.

I'm thinking that I'm going to relish every second of the remaining three days here, and whether the sun comes out or we have storms for the rest of the time, it doesn't matter.  It's great to be here and to be enjoying time with my sister and her family, storm clouds or no.


  1. Your pictures are beautiful - you've got talent! (That's coming from a woman who was married to a professional.)

  2. Love your pics Jeannie...makes me feel like I'm sharing in your vaca! Time spent with family is the best, continue to enjoy all of it, come rain or come shine!

  3. Every one of your posts have been wonderful and Claire is right! Your pictures are wonderful as well!!! This post for some reason is still my favorite!!! I love the Carolina coasts and I love storms at the beach! I also love cooking... family... and wish I could spend more time with my sister!!! She and I need to make it a point to do this! We used to vacation in Hilton Head! May have to start that tradition again for our own chidren!!!