Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Labor Day weekend was one of feasting at our home in Middle Grove, New York.  Katie and Bill played hosts to in-laws all weekend.  One of the benefits of being the Granny-Upstairs is that I am invited to many of the downstairs bashes, this weekend included.  Also feasting were my ex-husband Gene, his wife Kathryn, our daughter Tricia, and son Jeff. 

Here's what was on the menu:  steaks from The Meat House.  UNBELIEVABLE!  Bill's brother Chris hauled home platters-full of cowboy steaks (I'd never heard of them) and T-bone (I have heard of those!).  Added to the carnivorous portion of the meal was grilled chicken, sided by baked beans, shrimp, steamed clams, corn-on-the-cob, garlic bread and knots with marinara, grilled asparagus -- it was rediculously pentiful!  I had left-over batter from a cake I'd made for my friend Liz, and baked a little 8x8 pan of chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, just in case anyone needed to be pushed over the edge after such a sumptuous meal!

The rest of the weekend included hanging around the house, checking on the chickens who are no longer chicks and (in my opinion) no longer cute!  (I'm a little more citified, what can I say?).  Henry had close encounters with dirt piles, necessitating frequent baths to remove pounds of sand from his hair.  We took a ride to Saratoga Apple for the first macs of the season.  The weekend was capped with a big bonfire and s'mores.

This was cute six weeks ago!
Dirt-lovin' boy!
At Saratoga Apple
Katie and Bill sure know how to entertain guests.  I think their guest room will be occupied more often than not!


  1. There is no better way to spend a holiday than surrounded by loving friends and family, great food, a nice bonfire and perhaps some not so cute chickens! Sounds like you had a blast...