Friday, July 15, 2011

Wiawaka Holiday House, Lake George, New York

I took a day off today.  Early this morning I delivered 2 dozen scones to Saratoga Physical Therapy Associates to thank them for restoring my back to a healthier state.  If you saw me six weeks ago, you wouldn't think I was the same woman.  My lower back was a mess and I was in extreme pain and barely functioning, though I continued to go to work every day. The staff at SPTA were so good to me, generous in their time, guidance, and encouragement.  My last treatment was today, and scones were not enough but the ony thing I could think of to convey my gratitude.  Such good people work there.  Some even read my blog now - many thanks especially to Kristin, Mike,  Matt, Tony, Jesse and Kim!

After that good start, the rest of my day off was terrific, too.  I joined my friend Catherine Golden and we spent an absolutely luxurious afternoon at Wiawaka in Lake George.  We packed lunches and met on the dock of the beautiful boat house.  It's $15 for a day visit, money very well spent.  We had a lot of catching up to do so we spent most of the time talking -- talking on the dock, and talking while were floating on our "noodles" on the lake.  I never even cracked open my copy of The Help that I've been meaning to read for months now.  Anyway...the water was cool, clear, and so refreshing.  It felt like we were so far away from reality, as if we were at a destination many miles away (though it is just a  half-hour north of Saratoga Springs).  Loved it. 

Lake George H20

I've written about this beautiful retreat a few times before, so this time I am offering you our afternoon in a collage of photos (click once or twice to enlarge), and a link here, and here, to previous posts.

Enjoy our day - we did!

Click to enlarge for a better view of a beautiful day!

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