Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Oh, my ADK Baker followers, I've missed you!  Over the past two weeks, I've been very busy at work and also in my personal life.  After my car was totaled in a head-on collision with a drunk driver, I've been especially busy with insurance policies, car shopping, and financing a new car.  Car-related things are winding down, and I am now driving a Jeep Patriot, better suited to the rigors of a northeast winter and the challenges of an ice and snow covered driveway.  It's a bit of a silver lining in an otherwise very frightful experience.

Old and New

Jeep meet driveway/driveway meet Jeep

To think about things other than cars, totaled and new, I always turn to baking.  Last weekend I baked quite a bit, and have this collage of the cinnamon rolls, scones, and muffins that I put together Saturday afternoon.

Baking Frenzy

Pete the blue dragon, and Henry, the "space rocket ship"

To add to the drama of the past two weeks, mother nature decided to gift us with a little pre-season snow storm.  While I absolutely dreaded the thought of winter driving with my Mazda, I am actually looking forward (did I say that?) to the first real snowfall to see just how well my Jeep handles the white stuff...

Winter, you're early.  Come back later...

When life gives me lemons, I don't make lemonade.  I bake (and take pictures!)...

I won't stay away so long again, promise!


  1. Oh my goodness I am glad you are ok!!

  2. Debbie - thank you. Actually, my son was driving and, despite the photos, he walked away from the accident. We were very lucky.

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