Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Picture-Pretty Cupcakes!

Today I delivered 36 cupcakes to a very surprised birthday girl. Her friend Kim had ordered the cupcakes and I was to take them to Mary's office (Mary's the bd girl) this morning, EXCEPT Mary decided to take the day off! Kim was a little bit panicked but I assured her I'd be happy to deliver all 3 dozen cupcakes to Mary's home after work. Kim checked to be sure someone would be home at that time, and when I pulled into the driveway and walked up to the front door, I saw that they were indeed home, having a cozy afternoon and enjoying Mary's day off.

Kim trusted me to make whatever I thought would be good, so I made 18 dark chocolate cupcakes, 18 vanilla cupcakes, and frosted half of each with vanilla buttercream, and the other half of each with chocolate buttercream. The white frosting was adorned with colorful sprinkles, and the chocolate frosting with chocolate sprinkles. I kept the cupcakes in my car all day (nice and cold) and when I got in at the end of my work day, my car smelled like a bakery!

I don't have a recipe for you today since I have NO time (so busy at work and away from work) but thought you'd enjoy a pretty picture of cupcakes!!!!

Happy Wednesday evening!


  1. What a wonderful birthday surprise ,they are picture perfect. CKJ

  2. Ohhh - those cupcakes are definitely picture-pretty!

    Work and life get busy (and I know what kind of work busy you are talking about) - but take a few moments during the day for YOU! You deserve it. <3

  3. They are SO cute! What a great birthday treat!