Wednesday, March 11, 2015

It's all about the bread, 'bout the bread, no trouble!

I have avoided baking bread for years, decades! How can I call myself a baker and refuse to bake yeast bread? This fear of baking anything with yeast was unreasonable and unfounded. Recently, on a Sunday evening, I realized there was no bread in the house and the plan for brown-bagging sandwiches for work that week was stalled. Normally, such a bread shortage would send me to the nearest Stewart's Shop but on this particular Sunday night, it was snowing hard and the roads were bad. That was all the motivation necessary to bake my own bread, and bake bread I did! Taste of Home's warning to hold off on slicing the loaf until it's cooled down is a good rule! While it's so hard to resist the aroma of fresh-baked bread right out of your oven, if you try to slice a loaf of bread that's hot out of the oven or too warm, the loaf will collapse. So, go find something productive to do and come back to slice a cooled and delicious loaf with a slathering of soft butter!

The terrific recipe is linked here from Taste of Home, and it made two beautiful loaves. I read through the ratings on the site, and most were rave reviews. There were good tips about cutting and storing the loaves (I sliced both loaves and froze portions!). With packets of yeast in the cabinet, and all the simple ingredients on hand, I thought "Why not give it a shot?" and I am now a bread baker! That's a very cool skill to add to my baking repertoire!

So, check out this LINK to this recipe for Basic Homemade Bread from Taste of Home, and be brave. If you never have before, go ahead and bake your own bread (for less than a dollar a loaf!). Then, see if you ever want to pay almost $5.00 for a loaf of store-bought bread again! And tell me what you think about it!

PS - it wouldn't be a bad idea to have some lovely soft butter nearby once the loaf has cooled enough!

Beautiful loaves!

I am a bread baker!


  1. I made yeast breads for years,nothing like fresh homemade bread ! Now I am just lazy and head to a bakery ! My grandmother taught me ,she lived till the ripe old age of 98 . She made her own bread well into her 80's. I honestly believe she would have never eaten store bread if she had been able to still make her own ! CKJ

    1. Love that memory, CKJ! Do you have her recipe? Thanks for the comment!

  2. I love homemade bread, unfortunately so do my hips ;-)

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