Monday, August 17, 2009

On Vacation!

I'm on vacation in Emerald Isle, North Carolina. It's part of the formation of barrier islands that run along North Carolina's coast, the southernmost portion of the Outer Banks. We're in a beach house with a name -- Starry Nights -- and last night it was obvious why this house has that moniker. After a cloudy, humid day, the sun set and the skies cleared to reveal a beautiful, celestial sky. Will and I decided to take a dip after dinner. We all ended up outside by the pool, and if there's a pool, I'm in it!

Arriving here was just what I needed. You can never just go on vacation, I can't at least. I had to work twice as hard, twice as fast to be able to leave my regular job and to get baking done for commitments I'd made. I found myself, the day before leaving, with a small wedding cake and a 3-tiered anniversary cake to complete. It always seems that when it's time to make a really special cake for someone, the temperature escalates to ninety-five degrees and the humidity reaches record highs! Such was the case this weekend, and one cake's frosting decided, on its way to being delivered, to separate from the cake. A quick trip to my friend's second refrigerator, and some minor cosmetic surgery, as well as some strategically placed flowers and babies breath, hopefully kept the cake's troubles under wraps. I finished baking about 4:00 a.m. early Sunday morning, hopped in the shower, packed a bag in about 10 minutes, and took off to the airport. No sleep that night! I had two connections on my way here, so I cat-napped a little on each flight, but you know how that is! Did'nt matter. As soon as the cab dropped me off at the house, all the tiredness and hectic pace of the previous week vanished. I saw the beautiful lime-green 3-story house, with porches galore, and took a deep breath! Today - the beach!

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