Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pelicans and other coastal creatures

If you sit on the beach long enough, you'll see flocks of pelicans flying overhead. These massive birds look like they've been immune to evolutionary forces and retain an almost prehistoric apprearance.

Especially fun is watching these birds at meal time. You will see one out above the ocean, surveying the water's surface and then suddenly dive-bombing down at a 90-degree angle to catch its prey.

There's a lot of wild life here on Emerald Isle. During last night's walk, my brother-in-law John saw a fox. Anne's seen something, while sitting out on the porch late one night, that we have yet to identify! There are deer walking down the street at night, or nibbling at bushes during the day in groves of trees. One of us noted that deer are as plentiful here as squirrels are in New York!

Poolside, in the flora surrounding the back yard we've seen some substantial webs with proportionately large spider residents. My daughter Katie has a morbid fear of spiders so we sent her that photo, right away!

I've been scanning the ocean to see any trace of dolphins, but so far, no luck. While we were bouncing around in the waves yesterday, a man a few yards away said he saw a little shark, and held up his hands to indicate something about a foot long. He seemed unphased and stayed right where he was, so I guess it's nothing to be afraid of! Still, when I'm out in the water, the dark theme song to JAWS is thumping in the back of my head. I'm always scanning, but love my time in the water so much that I'll take my chances.

Two more days of fun-in-the-sun are in store. While Hurricane Bill might make his presence known in the form of bigger waves and rip tides, the sun is shining bright and we plan to enjoy every second!

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