Saturday, June 11, 2011


It seems like life is bursting out all over in the plants around our house.  Katie and Bill planted fruit trees and berry bushes last year.  I had taken a half day off from work today, and spent some afternoon time outside with Henry.  I should mention that I looked away for just a second, and he decided to jump in his little pool with all his clothes on.  Didn't seem to bother him a bit! 

Yep, with his clothes on
(and that is green - washable - marker
on his arms)

Checking the wheels...

We walked all around the yard and I took photos of the fruit that is now appearing on the young trees that were planted just a year ago (and one, singular peony!). 

Baby peaches

Brand new apple
The one and only peony blossom
Hope you have a happy, fruitful weekend as well!

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  1. love this!! I took pictures to update our garden yesterday and hope to put them up soon! These are great! Isn't any time spent with your grandchild just the best thing ever? I told Layton stories all evening once the power went out at my mom's house...I could've held her for hours!