Thursday, June 9, 2011

Work, Play, and Balance

As the weekend approaches I have to literally map out every upcoming moment to make sure I can get it all done.  It's a big cake weekend with two showers and one graduation.  Add to that a predicted 97-degree day with high humidity and thunder showers (and a full work day ahead) and the challenges mount.  And now, physical therapy three times a week has to be figured in.  It'll be fine.  I've been overly-busy before and I will be again.  And even though my to-do list is overflowing, there's no way I'm going to miss a get-together after work today with good friends.  That hour or so will go a long way toward creating the necessary balance of work and play. 

Just as I was returning from my first physical therapy session last night (thank goodness) my nephew-in-law Bob came by with Sarah and the girls to pick up a baby shower cake I made for one of his co-workers.  They stayed for a while while Hannah and their Katie played with Henry.  Henry was excited to have kid company.  He had helped me bake the cake, and apparently was very invested in the experience because when Bob picked up the cake box as they were leaving, Henry burst into tears and cried "my cake!!!"  He was inconsolable as they walked out the door and drove away.  Katie promised Henry there will be more cakes, and that is something I can guarantee.

Henry "reading" at Grandma's

Shower Cake for Baby Xander


  1. Your cakes are absolutely incredible! I had no idea that you were such an amazing sugar artist! We absolutely have to spend more time with this.

  2. I want to thank you so much for the delicious and beautiful cake for Xander! I've never seen anything like it, so creative. There wasn't a piece left. My shower went wonderfully. Thanks again. Kimmy Mox