Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Random Tuesday Stuff

It was a good day.  I finally got the MRI I've been waiting for, so PT for my back starts tomorrow.  It's been a week of lying on the floor, alternating cold and hot, all around working full time and baking a lot.  Kinda crazy.  I'm grateful for my b'friend Russ's chiropractic advice and for the health insurance I'm fortunate to have with my job that allows me to take advantage of the medical services I need.  Combined, I'm on my way to feeling much better, I'm sure.  Like a lot of people, I work as much for the benefits as the paycheck.  The older I get, the more I realize that's true.  BUT, I want to stay as healthy as I can heading toward the big six-oh, and hopefully I'll be able to rejoin my exercise program very soon. 

After work I headed to the gas station to fill my tank - I'd been driving around on fumes and didn't want to risk running out of gas.  I went to the first gas station I came upon, on the corner of Church St. and Clinton Ave. in Saratoga Springs.  While I was filling up, I caught a glimpse of the building across the street.  Every year, this building adorns itself in baskets of beautiful flowers.  Thought I'd share the pretty image with you:

After that, I went to the grocery store to stock up on baking supplies for this coming week and weekend.  I'm looking forward to baking for a baby shower, a bridal shower, and a graduation.  I lugged 10-lb. bags of King Arthur flour and sugar up the stairs to my granny flat!  I can't expect Katie's chickens to keep up with my baking demands, so I bought an 18-pack of eggs.  Cake #1 is out of the oven, and it's for tomorrow.  My nephew-in-law Bob is stopping by with Sarah and the girls after work tomorrow night to pick up a baby shower cake for a co-worker in his office.  The cake just came out of the oven and I'll get up very early before work to frost and decorate it.  I have a lot of ideas about the design -- he left it up to me -- and while I sleep tonight I'm sure the final version will suddenly appear in my head!  That's what often happens, actually.  This is a marble sheet cake.  Henry came up and "helped" as he often does, which made my night. 

I have my windows wide open to let the heat of the oven out and the cool of the night in.  There's a lovely breeze coming through my windows.  I think it'll be a good night to sleep.  

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  1. I saw that building with the flowers the other day and it just made me smile!