Friday, September 30, 2011

Ellie's Cake

Last night (or I should say this morning) I finished Ellie's cake.  A two-tiered creation for her 7th birthday, Ellie had requested something "special."  Her mom Sara had asked me a few weeks ago, and I couldn't resist.  It reminded me of the time my daughter Tricia (now 29 and a bride-to-be) asked me to make a "wedding" cake for her 5th birthday.  I have a photo of that cake somewhere - I have to find it!

So, around 2 a.m., I put the last of a few fondant flowers on the cake, and decided it was done.  I packed it up this morning and dropped it off with Ellie's grandma, Joanne, before I headed into my office.  I was very happy to hear that the cake was a hit with Ellie and her parents.  Here are a few photos of Ellie's cake as it took shape (the pinkish-purple flowers look brown in 2 a.m. kitchen light - but in the morning, their true color was evident). Enjoy!

Hope your weekend is off to a fantastic start.  Guess what - I'm baking!  Good thing I enjoy it!


  1. Amazing! I am jealous of your skills!

  2. DD - no need to be jealous, it's really all step-by-step and not rocket science. I think a background in painting helps with the design, but mechanically, anyone can build a cake! Thanks for the kudos, though, very much appreciated!