Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tie-Dyed Cake, Phase 1

Tonight I'm starting a tie-dyed cake for my friend Lynn's daughter, Julia.  She's 10 years old and is having a slumber party Saturday night.  So, tonight I'm baking the cake, tomorrow night I will frost and decorate, and delivery is Saturday afternoon before her guests arrive.  This cake will have a peace sign and reminds me of my teenage years when tie-dying and peace signs were everywhere!  It's so much fun to revisit that time, and to make a cake that reminds me of flower power, "buying the world a Coke," striving for peace and harmony!  Here are some photos of phase 1, Tie-Dye Cake (phase 2 to be posted tomorrow - so come back to see!):

Started with a basic white cake mix (simple)...

Divided out 4 small portions of batter...

Added gel food colors... make a splash of color!

Remainder of batter ~ blank canvas!

It looks messy now, but...

it becomes a thing of beauty!
This cake will be frosted in tie-dye colors and will boast a big white peace sign.  I hope Julia loves it!

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