Sunday, December 1, 2013

Bringing Back a Classic: My Mother's Meatloaf Recipe

Saturday night Russ and I had dinner out with good friends Frank and Sue. We decided to go to Jacob & Anthony's in downtown Saratoga Springs. I love the atmosphere there, it's dark, and warm, and cozy yet upscale and a little bit sophisticated. They have a 3-course menu for $20 which includes a generous salad, a hearty entree, and a small dessert. Russ, Frank, and I all ordered the same thing - meatloaf with mashed potatoes. I told the server that we must all be missing our mothers (true!). I ate half of mine and saved the rest for Russ to take back to Connecticut. He and Frank enjoyed it so much that they ate all of theirs. I gave Russ *most* of my dessert - a fudge walnut brownie sundae. Those two bites were worth it!  It was a little indulgent for me but I tried to estimate the calories and stop within reason!

Meatloaf brings back happy memories, so I'm linking here my post from last December with the recipe for my mother's meatloaf. I call it Virginia O'Farrell's Meatloaf. It is wonderful.

Enjoy this little walk down my memory lane!


  1. The last time you posted this I craved a meatloaf so I made one, NowI think I have to make it again. Meatloaf, the ultimate comfort food!

  2. I saw this a few days ago and HAD to make it! It is in the oven now and smells great! Smells like home in the 60's!!! Looking forward to dinner tonight...Thanks Jeanne! LHP