Friday, January 10, 2014

I Want YOUR Comfort Food Recipes!

I do. I want YOUR comfort food recipes. When this blog was started, the original intention was to share recipes from others with the stories and traditions associated with them. When that didn't seem to be happening, the blog took shape in a different way, with me providing recipes and research from other sources, and from my own little cache of goodies. Still, I LOVE to hear people talk about food, about memories, about family and tradition, of good times out and favorite dishes. So, I am asking now for your contributions, and specifically for those recipes for foods you grew up with, that mean something to you, that bring you comfort and warmth on a cold winter day (or any day!).

Please send me your comments and recipes.  You can link here in the comment section or on my Facebook page. I will choose my favorites and post those. If you can attach a photo, even better!

Thank you. I so look forward to seeing what comes in!

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  1. When it’s a snowy day or just a cold fall day, I love to warm the kitchen up with a pork roast and veggies, cooked together in a roasting pan. It provides warmth, physically and in our hearts…

    Boneless pork roast seared on top of the stove seasoned with Adobo (a spice I have used for many years that I learned from Carmen my Puerto Rican friend and babysitter while stationed in New Jersey).

    Peel and cut in half if large, as many carrots as you want to use and have for leftovers.

    1 medium onion peeled and cut in quarters (more if your family likes them).

    Golden Yucon or red skin potatoes cleaned and if large, cut up. I use butter flavored cooking spray on top and sprinkle again with Adobo.

    Everything goes into 1 roaster, meat on the bottom.

    Baste with its own juices a couple of times while cooking.

    Cover and cook about 4 hours the last ½ hour taking off the lid to brown potatoes and carrots.

    Remove from oven and put into another dish while you make your gravy. I use use chicken stock/broth for gravy if there is not enough stock from the roast. (We love leftover gravy to put in soup if there is enough of the roast and fixins left.)

    Your home will smell wonderful, kitchen will be warm and everyone will be hungry!

    1. Oh Annie, this sounds amazing! Thank you so much for adding your recipe! Can't wait to make it!

  2. OK, my 111 followers. It's your turn! Bring me your favorite recipes! It's good to share!