Friday, January 15, 2010

Drive-Through (-thru?)

I ran errands on my lunch hour today, and had only a few minutes to eat. I didn't pack a lunch today (first time this week) so I did the drive-through at Wendy's (or is it drive-thru?). Challenging myself to a $3.00 lunch, I ordered a value-sized Diet Coke, a 99-cent burger, and a 99-cent fries. With tax my lunch was $3.18, so I went over budget but really, it's not a bad drive-thru meal for around $3.00.

After I purchased my fast food, I drove my little Mazda 3 into a parking space between two construction vehicles. They had backed in, I was facing forward. There I was, sandwiched between (probably) two triple-bacon-cheeseburgers with over-sized fries and gallon sodas.

I listened to NPR as I ate my 10-minute meal, one little french fry at a time. Somehow, eating my little meal, listening to NPR, tucked anonymously between two big guys in two big trucks made me feel as though I wasn't doing anything so terribly awful, indulging in fast food this way. It's like no one even saw me! (and it was, frankly, delicious!).

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