Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Winter doldrums? Have a party!

I'm not loving winter. Don't ski, downhill or cross-country, though my kids love to. My favorite part about winter is observing it from a warm, cozy room inside the house! I'm a summer person, through and through. Give me a beach by the lake or ocean. I'll take a hot sunny day over snow and ice every time. Driving with my car's sun roof open on the way to the lake is my idea of heaven!

I do love that days are already beginning to lengthen, making promises of brighter days ahead. I think we're all affected by SAD to some extent. I heard on the radio this morning that yesterday, January 18, is the most depressing day on the calendar, season-wise. But for me, it was a happy day. I drove home from visiting Russ in the Finger Lakes early yesterday morning. I met my friend Sue for lunch at Sutton's in Queensbury, near Lake George. We both ordered the black bean burger with grilled onions, Mexican mayonnaise on grilled cheddar bread! It was outstanding!

Once home, I played with Henry (we chase each other and his gleeful giggle could earn him a million dollars) and then I started preparing for the jewelry party I'm having tonight. Hopefully, it will be an affective antidote to cabin fever! It's an excuse to open my home for the first time to relatives, and at the same time have my son Joe show his beautiful Peruvian silver jewelry. Don't worry friends at work -- I'm having another party next week for you! I'm very excited about sharing my home and food (from blog recipes!) with friends and relatives. Among the offerings tonight (along with the usual suspects) are:

grilled chicken and pineapple skewers with Asian dipping sauce
mini quesadillas
sweet and sour meat balls
savory herb and cheddar scones
falafel with tahini sauce
mini chocolate chip almond cookies

I can't wait to welcome people in to my new home. It's been a long time coming!

Image credit: http://www.acespickens.org/ACESimages/openhouse.jpg

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  1. And we can't wait to see it! It's going to be a fun night!