Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fresh Blueberries from a Very Old Farm!

Planning to pick a lot of blueberries, last week Katie, Henry, Sydney, and I went in search of Winney's Farm in Gansevoort, New York.  Winney's Farm sits just east of the Hudson River on a big stretch of land.  The sign welcoming us read that the Winney family has been farming since 1652!  You can read more about their history here.

With three very full buckets (and one tiny one that kept emptying into Henry's face or on the ground), collectively we bought about 20 pounds of berries at $2.00/lb.  That's a much better deal than the grocery store, and knowing that our berries were as fresh as they could possibly be was very satisfying.

There are rows and rows and rows of different varieties of blueberries at the farm.  The rows we settled in were full of lush plants.  The berries were so abundant that we stood right there and just barely coaxed them off the branches into our buckets.  The ripe berries came off that easily.  If they weren't yet ripe, they didn't so we got nothing but perfect berries. 

Rows of Blueberries at Winney's Farm

There are still a few good berry-picking days/weeks ahead, and I encourage anyone in the area to go spend a little time (it doesn't take long to fill a bucket) at Winney's Farm.  It's really a lot of fun and having fresh berries is so much better than buying them at the store.  A map is linked here.

Here's America's Test Kitchen's recipe for blueberry cobbler, in the form of a YouTube instructional video.


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