Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Fourth of July!

Here we are celebrating our country's 234th birthday.  Since none of us were around to remember what that first birthday was like, we rely on our own memories of the holiday.  I love the Americana of it all -- parades, cook outs, family gatherings, and fireworks.  Containers overflowing with flowers.  The distinctive American flag.  Honoring those who made it all possible.  It all means summer and relaxation and taking a little bit of time to enjoy all that we are so fortunate to have.

Yesterday my sister's neighborhood celebrated one day early, and we went down to the pool to enjoy some time in the sun.  Soon, her family joined us, and it wasn't long before the entire area will filled with families ready to party.  In preparation for last night's celebration, a crew was setting up all the containers and inserting fireworks in each.  That in itself was very interesting.

I had to return home to finish up some baking for this morning.  I made a cake for a former neighbor whose five daughters and seven grandchildren are hosting her 90th birthday party today.  What a beautiful day for a party. 

Yesterday, I delivered a cake for a couple celebrating  their fiftieth wedding anniversary.  To have such significant milestones combined with the excitement of the Fourth of July guarantees that this weekend's parties are truly happy, festive occasions. 

Tonight the city of Saratoga Springs will have its own fireworks display.  It's always a great evening in Congress Park as people sit on blankets, some there for the whole day, waiting in happy anticipation for that first "BOOM!"  I love watching the faces of little kids, the wonder and the oohs and aahs as the bright and explosive beauty in the sky unfolds. 

For me, my memories of the fourth of July are predominantly focused on two parts of my life.  First, as kids on Mac Arthur Drive in Saratoga Springs when all the neighbors came out after dark and the kids swirled sparklers in beautiful spirals in the night.  It was small, and intimate, and very, very special.   Second, the memory of July 4, 1985 will always and forever be, without a doubt, THE most memorable, for many reasons.  I wrote about it in last year's blog for this holiday, and it can be found here.

Enjoy this long weekend and this uniquely American holiday!  Have a great time!

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