Monday, May 23, 2011


This past weekend was one of celebration.  I spent the weekend with the Ebbets family at Keegan's graduation from Ithaca College.  Keegan is my boyfriend Russ's nephew, and I've known him since he was 7 years old.  He's a great guy and it was so much fun to spend time with his family and friends.  Here are a few photos of from graduation weekend:

Me, Keegan, and my handsome b'friend Russ!

Jan Ebbets and her son Keegan, the graduate!

L-R: Jan, Logan, Jeannie, Russ,
John, Patty, Keegan, and Al
Dinner at The Antlers in Ithaca

Before I left for Ithaca, I baked a special bridal shower cake for Erin Stevens, daughter of my good friend Nancy Hinckley Stevens and her husband Tim.  Nancy and Tim were highschool classmates of mine.  Nancy asked for a cake with calla lilies, and told me the shower colors were pink and white.  She chose a half-vanilla/half-dark chocolate cake, and I was on my own from there.  I'd never made calla lilies before, but I went on-line and found a number of how-to videos that made the challenge much less intimidating.  I actually had a good time playing with fondant and creating these pretty (if not amateur) flowers, and look forward to the next time I can attempt to create something that reflects the beauty of a real flower.  Here are some photos of the cake, as it came together:

Hope you enjoy this little photo journal of the creation of Erin's cake.  I had a good time making it, and I hear it was very happily received.  I wish Erin and Zach all the happiness in the world!

Best wishes and happy new beginnings to Erin and Zach, and to my buddy Keegan!

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