Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tale of Two Cakes

This morning I put the finishing touches on the last cake of the weekend.  This cake is for my friend Beth.  Her husband Pat called me Thursday to ask me if there was any way I could bake a cake for the next night, and also one for today (Sunday).  Beth deserves a double helping of birthday wishes, so I was happy to say yes to Pat's request.  Pat said the cakes could be the same, that he would be fine with whatever I came up with.  So, I baked two black-and-white marble cakes.  The first became a buttercream frosted layer cake with fondant calla lilies, since I am enjoying learning how to make flowers.  I thought, though, that I could do something very different with cake #2.  I decided to go whimsical and make a very traditional and festive cake that screams "Happy Birthday!" in appearance. 

Cake One

Today, I made fudge frosting (recipe on the back of the Hershey cocoa tin) and decorated it very simply, with fudge florets and sprinkles (jimmies to some of you, depending on where you live). 

Cake Two

Pat sent me an email message after they enjoyed Friday's cake, stating, simpy, "AWESOME!"  I love hearing that my cake contributed to a happy celebration.  Let the partying continue, and the happiest of extended birthday wishes to you, my friend BBK!!!!

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