Tuesday, May 17, 2011


There's a lot that's fresh today.  We've been inundated with a stalled cycle of rain that keeps spinning over the northeast.  Our trees are vibrant with the new green of just-unfolding leaves that even the dampest, darkest day can't hide.  After the longest winter in memory, baby grass is growing, and birds are chirping. 

View from my kitchen window

Also fresh are the last of the original episodes of my favorite shows, with a few season finales tonight.  My favorite show, The Good Wife, is on tonight, and my daughter Katie and I are looking forward to watching it together.  She's a lawyer by trade and loves to watch the drama unfold, providing informative side-bars of her own on the legal proceedings.

I'm also baking tonight. Just out of my oven are two dozen lemon blueberry muffins. One dozen are claimed, the other dozen are a bonus for whomever is lucky enough to be on the receiving end. Today my co-workers were the lucky recipients of lemon cranberry muffins, and I had a lot of grateful nods coming my way!

Tonight's Blueberry Muffins

Maybe just one...

For my baking, I use FRESH eggs (pictured above) from the resident chickens that my daughter Katie and her husband maintain.  They have Guinea Hens, Bard Rocks, and Silver Wine Dots.  Their eggs are all different colors, shapes, and sizes.  The eggs are great - I make Russ great breakfasts with these eggs whenever he's here.  The whites are clearer and the yolks are brighter, and stand higher, than the eggs found in a supermarket.

And fresh, in a negative connotation, is the news about the unfortunate behavior of Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Not such a model for spousal loyalty.  Here I am looking forward to watching The Good Wife, and hearing all about The Bad Husband.  Hmmm.  Anyway...

The cutest definition of FRESH

I hope you have a lovely evening, and look forward to the most positive, vital, and reFRESHing spring in a long time!

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