Sunday, December 11, 2011

A little break to visit a good friend...

Jan and Leila walking
along the Connecticut River
Yesterday, Saturday, I left for an overnight trip to Hatfield, Massachusetts to visit my friend Jan.  It's a trip I love to take, just about 2.5 hours from home, and a lovely ride through eastern New York and western Mass.  There wasn't much evidence of winter along the way, except for the colder temperatures, with the exception of the Stockbridge/Lee areas, where there was a good covering of snow, probably about six inches.  I was happy to take my new Jeep for its first real road trip, and it did just fine.

When I visit Jan, we usually pack a lot in to the 24 hours or so that I'm there.  We started out yesterday afternoon with a walk with her dog, Leila (10-year-old Golden Retriever), taking the trail behind Jan's home, along  the Connecticut River.  It's a gorgeous stretch of land and the scenery is completely unspoiled.  After our walk, we brought Leila home and then headed toward the mall in Amherst where we did a little shopping and then went to the movies.  We saw The Descendants with George Clooney, one of the very best movies I've seen in long, long time.  (Who couldn't watch George Clooney for a couple of hours, I ask you?!!!)...  Jan and I splurged and split a medium movie popcorn, despite all the health warnings against such an indulgence (it was SO good!), figuring that once every six months or so, it isn't going to do that much damage!  As we left the movie, I told Jan that it was one that I'll want to have for my own once it comes out on DVD.  We both loved it.

For dinner, we stopped at a seafood restaurant near Jan's house, Fish Tales, where she had a salad with grilled chicken and I had a filet of fish sandwich, which was really very good.

This morning, Jan treated me to a protein shake with strawberries and a cup of tea, and then we went to a food co-op where Jan is a member, and she bought a bunch of organic foods, including her favorite salmon cakes that she'll have during the week with pasta or salad.  I really admire the way Jan not only shops but eats.  She puts a lot of thought and planning into her menu, and I think she is rewarded with not only healthy but delicious meals.  I'm making a note to myself to follow in her footsteps!

Before I headed home, we took another walk with Leila, and I had my camera ready (big shocker!) to try to capture some of the beautiful light with my beautiful subjects, Jan and Leila. I also caught a few photos of Pearl, her calico kitty.  I had the best time with my friend, and I can't wait to visit her again.  On the Mass Pike heading west, I saw the sign that said "You are leaving Massachusetts.  Please come back soon."  to which I responded out loud "OK, I will!"

Pearl through the sliding glass door -
with my reflection
blurring up the works!

My one-day get-away!  Click to enlarge...


  1. Loved reading about your visit with Jan. Another set of fantastic pics. Oh... made a mental note about seeing the movie too!

  2. Thanks Lynn! It was a nice break from reality! We could all use that now and then! Now, back to work tomorrow!!!