Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Twelve Days 'til Christmas

Every Christmas, I make a mental note to make a real note about all the things I'll do next Christmas to make it all simpler, easier, more enjoyable, with promises to trim this year's to-do list and spend my energies on things that really matter. I especially tell myself to enjoy the weeks leading up to Christmas, and not get lost in the myriad of self-assigned responsibilities that make that time go by too quickly without any real stopping to smell the Christmas tree.
Most of the people I know have already finished their Christmas and holiday shopping and are on to wrapping.  I haven't purchased one gift  yet, and I won't until this weekend.  It's my Saturday to work, and before I know it another week will have sped by and the pressure will be on.

As always, baking will take up a big chunk 'o time, but that's somehow restorative for me (and would be more-so if only the Elf on the Shelf would jump down and empty my dishwasher as I sleep!).

Here's a list of the things I still want/have to do over the next twelve days, until Christmas, and I wonder how many I will actually accomplish!:

Address Christmas cards.
Buy stamps for Christmas cards.
Mail Christmas cards.
Buy a ton of baking supplies.
Bake a ton.
Distribute the baked stuff.
Put ornaments on the tree that's been up with just lights for a week.
Call Meghan and send her birthday gift (a happy task)
Display my collection of ceramic Santas made from antique chocolate molds.
Finish my list and check it twice (for other people, not for me!)...
Buy gifts.
Wrap gifts.
Send gifts.
Go to the Irish store for no reason at all.
Read something spiritual and inspiring about the Nativity.
Buy a Christmas wreath for my naked front door.
Spend time with my kids.
Buy gift for Yankee Gift Exchange at work.
Decide what food to bring to office party.
Hang some garland and lights.
Make my entry way welcoming.
Bake some more.
Walk up and down Broadway in Saratoga Springs, with Henry if possible (to see his 3-year-old reaction to the beautiful lights and sights).
Spend as much time as possible with Hank and Pete.
Take lots of photos of  Hank and Pete.
Spend time with Russ.
Find time to have drinks with friends after work.
Find time for a weekend breakfast with friends.
Make a simpler list for next year, and choose a date now so that next year, I will finally manage to host a get-together in my own home and pull it off!

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