Friday, June 1, 2012

And the Winner for May 2012 is....

Congratulations to Nancy Stevens whose comment earned her the prize of an 8-inch round cake, any flavor she'd like!  Today, on my lunch hour, I printed the name of every commenter for May on slips of paper (a slip for each comment during the month) and my lovely co-worker Lynn pulled Nancy's name out of the Gladware container someone left in our office kitchen hat. Regardless of the vessel, it was on the up-and-up and Nancy Stevens is the fortunate winner for May!

Nancy and her husband Tim are trying to decide what flavor cake they'd like, and I told her she can  have anything she wants!

Meanwhile, it's Friday so I'm baking!  I have 4 dozen cupcakes baking tonight, in preparation for lovely Sarah's bridal shower tomorrow at the home of my friend Catherine who, along with her husband Michael own a gorgeous Victorian on Regent Street in Saratoga.  I hope the weather holds out, but if the forecast is correct and the shower is showered upon, they'll need the tent that's been erected in their back yard.  I've been thinking alot about these cupcakes, and expect that they will be very pretty.  I'll take photos tomorrow as they take shape.  The cupcakes will be displayed on my trusty custom-made cupcake stand.  It promises to be a memorable day for Sarah, Catherine, and all their guests.

With gratitude to Nancy and all who took the time to comment on a post in May, I invite you to keep commenting through June.  It would be great to hear from new voices as well.  It's my pleasure to write this blog for interested readers, and comments help me to know what you like to hear about (or not!).   I'm already excited to see who's going to win on July 1st!

Have a beautiful weekend!

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