Saturday, June 2, 2012

June Showers

Sarah's bridal shower cupcakes
As I delivered cupcakes to my friend Catherine's house today, I could sense her disappointment in the rain that was falling as her guests were about to arrive.  Catherine was hosting a bridal shower for her friend Sarah.  There was a flurry of activity as Sarah's bridesmades were quickly converting the outdoor party to an indoor event.  The tent was outside, quiet with tables and chairs that wouldn't be used, and the inside of Catherine's home was transformed into shower-central as the girls worked hard to switch gears. The house is a gorgeous Victorian in downtown Saratoga Springs, so very little was needed to create a beautiful environment.  I arrived with 40+ cupcakes and a stand to display them.  The girls worked around me as I set up the stand in the center of Catherine's massive dining room table.

Cupcakes for Sarah's bridal shower at Catherine's lovely home...

After making sure the cupcake set-up was ready to go, I bid them all a happy shower, got in my Jeep and headed east to Greenwich, New York, where I picked up a lay-away purchase at "Just Because," one of my favorite little boutiques.  They carry Vera Bradley products, Woolrich and Tribal lines of clothing, among others, and very pretty jewelry.  For my birthday in March, I'd put a larger Vera Bradley tote on lay-away, (just the right size for my own gear and any "Grandma" items I might need to take along) and for whatever reason just never got back there to pick it up.  Today was the day (so happy belated birthday to me!).  In addition to clothing, the store carries a good variety of things, including baby gift items, kitchen linens, handbags, and nice little gifts-for-self (!) as well as greeting cards.  They offer free -- and very pretty -- gift wrapping.   It's just a fun place to visit every now and then.  Usually, I head in that direction with a sister or a friend, but today I was on my own, so after shopping I went in to the little cafe next store (it has a new name - I'll check and let you know) where I ordered a chicken salad sandwich to go.  I am a HUGE chicken salad fan, and I like theirs because it has Craisins, green grapes, and is lightly seasoned.  They don't use much mayonnaise (also a plus) and I ordered it on their own home-baked wheat bread.  Simple. I hadn't taken time to eat all day, and was hungry but didn't want to go the drive-thru route. This was so much nicer, and I was surprised to find a serving of Lay's classic potato chips in the bag with my sandwich, which are just about the lightest, crispest, best potato chips, in my not-so-humble opinion!  The sandwich was so pretty that I took a picture of it!

Not quite fast food - chicken salad sandwich

Now I'm trying to decide what to do with the rest of my precious Saturday. Katie, Bill, and the boys are at a birthday party.  Russ isn't here this weekend. Oden, the big black lab is hanging out in my apartment while his family is away, and it's quiet as can be.  I could actually do nothing for a little while, but I'm not sure I know how!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday, and enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. What a lovely write-up. Your cupcakes were a hit--they looked beautiful on that stand with the doilies, and they tasted even better.

  2. The rain reminds me of Teresa's bridal shower last summer. Same scramble to change from outdoor to indoor,but a wonderful time for everyone despite the drizzle. I'm sure that your cupcakes were as perfect today, as they were last summer. Now that's the way to start a shower!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful day. Its always nice to have some alone time! Couldn't agree with you more about the Lays chips,they are just the best!! I think I might be a bit partial to Frito-lay husband John has worked for them for over 25 years. Cindy June

  4. My very favorite store and restaurant in the capital district....I wish I new you were going, I would have jumped in your car. I'm in the market for a new Vera Bradley!
    Next time call me.

  5. I love that store! Let me know the next time you're around. I work in Greenwich. We could meet up for lunch :o)

  6. Love those cupcakes! Wish I had one right now! Good luck with the Today Show contest! I hope you win! Lynnie

  7. Jeanne, your writing is so beautiful that I felt like I was right there with you the entire day--thank you for taking us along on the journey!

  8. I enjoyed rereading this post!