Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Dinner Omelet

Tonight I made dinner omelets for Meghan and me.  She was craving "real food" after five days on the road, and I wanted something simple, filling, and satisfying, with few carbs.  I offered her an omelet, and that sounded good. These individual omelets, the size of a personal pan pizza (in roadside food terms) were made in an 8" round saute pan.

Here's how I did it:

In the non-stick saute pan over medium heat, I melted a teaspoon of butter and added a couple tablespoons each of chopped green pepper and chopped Vidalia onion.  To that, I added 2 large sliced baby bella mushrooms and 2 thick slices of red-ripe-garden-fresh tomatoes, chopped.  I let it cook down  until almost all the liquid from the tomatoes evaporated off, in which time all the other vegetables were done to perfection.  Then I beat 2 large eggs (Katie's chickens are laying!) with a splash of milk and poured it over the veggies in the pan, sprinkled a little salt and pepper, then gave it a stir to incorporate everything.  With a heat-proof spatula, the sides were pushed in until the liquid on top solidified and no longer flowed underneath.  At that point, I carefully folded one half of the omelet over the other half (this can be messy, but it tastes great even if it breaks and looks awful!).  I turned the heat to the lowest setting and let it sit for a few minutes to continue cooking through.

That was Meghan's omelet.

To mine, before pouring in the eggs, I added a couple tablespoons cubed ham (from a ham steak I bought just for this purpose - which will probably provide enough ham for 4-5 omelets at least) and some large dices of cheddar cheese.

When I was making my omelet, Henry asked what I was doing, and I responded that I was making eggs with ham.  He asked "Green eggs and ham?"  When I offered him a little dice of ham, he refused.  It wasn't what he was imagining!  Fortunately, Katie and the boys had dinner well before my omelets-for-dinner were underway.

Before the eggs -- sauteed veggies, ham, and cheese
I love breakfast for dinner, especially when I don't have to worry too much about carbs sabotaging my good intentions!

Katie's chickens lay beautiful eggs, but she had a little trouble tonight rounding them up before the rain started.  Henry had to chase the last one with a leafy branch to corral it into the little coop yard.  He'd run one way and the chicken ran the other, but finally (after half an hour of trying) the last hold-out joined the other chickens and I expect by now they're in the coop, out of the rain!  Sorry I didn't have my camera handy to capture that chase!


  1. Just leave the door of the coop open,when it begins to get dark,all chicken will return home!

  2. I'm a huge breakfast for dinner fan as well, but it is banned at my house. Bob is NOT a fan. How exciting to have a chance to cook dinner for Miss Meghan...even better, the chance to catch up over those wonderful omelets!