Sunday, April 25, 2010

Henry's 2nd Birthday Party

The big day has come and gone, and Henry had quite a happy 2nd birthday party.  He was excited to wake up from his nap and find balloons all over the house.  That made his day.  Everything else was icing on the cake. This was pretty simple as parties go, with friends, relatives, good food and my contribution: cake.  Luckily it was a beautiful day so kids enjoyed playing outside much of the time.  Katie  had a nice platter of cold-cuts and rolls, a home-made mac-n-cheese that she whipped up and kept warm in a crock pot, and lots of fresh fruit.  She made a nice cranberry lemonade.  Most of Henry's gifts were toys for outside, and he was thrilled with them.  There were trucks, tractors, sand toys, a t-ball set, and such.  Lots of fun.  My gift was the Anchors Away water table I wrote about yesterday. 

This morning I took Henry for a walk while Katie assembled the table, and when we came back it was outside and ready to go!  Henry completely immersed himself in play (and water) and was heart-broken when I carried his saturated and shivering little self into the house to dry off. 

I'd say it was a successful choice!

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