Monday, August 15, 2011


Here I am, morning 1 of a week-long vacation to Emerald Isle, NC.  After 3 flights and a cab ride to get here, I arrived around 3 p.m. yesterday afternoon.  Nephews Patrick and Will were minutes behind me, and their parents, brother Jack, and Jack's fiance Kristin pulled up just behind them.  I had so much fun discovering yet another beautiful house here in E.I.  This is a repeat visit for the Bishop family but my first time to "Seaside Retreat." This was the first house they ever rented seven years ago, along with my sister Patsy and her family, and Anne has tried since to rent it again and only succeeded six years later.  These houses are first-come, first-served with the occupant that week having priority over any other requests.  So, in the years between they've rented different houses each August, each one unique and beautiful, but perhaps none so special as this house.  Rather than go on and on about every little detail that I LOVE about this house, I'll share it with photos (what would I do without my little Canon camera - it's served me very, very well!).  Here are a few to start.  I have to pace myself!  More photos tomorrow, and more about beach house eating.  Anne and I went to the grocery store, and 2 over-loaded carts later we have the beginnings of some wonderful dinners in the making, including our annual shrimp scampi, london broil, ratatouille.  I say "beginnings" because we will buy the shrimp and other seafood fresh off the boat!!!!

So stay tuned as I share this beautiful week with you ~ and a shout out to my friends and family, and particulary C.O.D., L.D., and W.B. in Admissions at Skidmore College!

OK, I will...
Patrick, me, and Will

A pool with a view!
Livng area
Dining area
So beautiful!
Way cool kitchen...

Signing off - I'll keep you posted.  Off to the beach! 


  1. Absolutely beautiful home. I can't wait to see more pics! Have a wonderful time and soak up some of those great rays (using a high quality SPF, safety first).

  2. Good for you! Enjoy being away! Will you bake at all in that kitchen? It's beautiful!!!

  3. Wishing you a week filled with warm weather, delish food, kodak-moments and memories that'll carry you through to your next visit! We're holding down the fort! Enjoy every minute of your trip... safe travels...LD!

  4. Oh...I remember reading about your trip last summer and I haven't quit following you around yet! So glad to get to hear about this special trip and certainly a special house! It's truly gorgeous!! Have a wonderful vacation!

  5. I am glad, that I could be The Official North Carolina Welcome Party! I enjoyed our drive to the Beach, and Always enjoy our conversations! Again, WELCOME BACK, and Enjoy your Vacation!