Friday, August 19, 2011

Late Afternoon on the Beach

Yesterday was dark and cloudy all day.  It was cool, with a strong breeze, on the beach.  Most of our crew stayed down by the water for a good part of the afternoon, but then we felt raindrops and could see the dark sheet of rain out over the ocean.  It looked like it was coming our way, but the sky above was still dotted with blue among the clouds.  I held out hope that it might blow over, so when everyone packed up and headed back to the house, I stayed on with my chair and my book.  The storm seemed to be moving across the ocean and not inland, so I became engrossed in the next chapter (of The Help) and looked up to see a bright sky and a magnificent rainbow over to the east. 

I stayed there until after 6 p.m., enjoying the warmth of the late afternoon sun, listening to the sounds of the ocean, and watching a young family nearby playing in the sand.  It made me think of my kids, of my grandsons Henry and Peter, and how much they'd enjoy this, too.  I miss those little guys and we talk on the phone every day.  The other day I told Henry (3 years old) that I had a surprise for him, a seashell, and he wasn't impressed apparently!  He said he wanted a car!  (He loves to play with my EI seashells from previous vacations).  Katie held the phone to Pete's ear (almost 10 mo.) and I talked to him, and he giggled.  I don't know why, but little kids sound even cuter over the phone!  So sweet...

Today we're off to visit a light house.  It's my first excursion out, other than to buy groceries, which has been absolutely fine with me, because, why leave paradise?!!!!  Still, we're going to head out.  Not everyone has been as close-to-beach house as me -- my brother-in-law John went for a 45 mile (yes!) bike ride yesterday.  We were all impressed if not worried about him!  I don't think it was his intention starting out to go that far, but he did.  When he got back, a swim in the ocean was just what he needed.  Isn't it just what anyone needs, really?!  I know it works wonders for me!

For dinner last night, we cooked out - hamburgers, hot dogs, andouille sausage.  Earlier in the day, I made a seashell macaroni salad with tuna and egg.  There were baked beans, fresh tomatoes, sliced watermelon - all simple but very good stuff.  Tonight we're having grilled garlic shrimp skewers, jasmine rice, and (special request) my favorite sweet and sour sauce.  We'll probably roast some veggies to go along with it.  It will be our last big dinner since we're all leaving Sunday, so we'll keep it simple tomorrow night.

Here are some photos from yesterday.  I'll be taking more pics today and will post those tomorrow.  Have a great day, everyone!

Thursday on EI, NC - click to enlarge!


  1. I've been loving your photo collages each day! Looks like you're having a wonderful time!

  2. Thanks Colleen - it has been a "great escape" and we've been enjoying it so much! Glad you like the photo collages - I use Picasa to make them, very easy.