Saturday, August 27, 2011

Waiting to say "Good Night Irene"

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We're in that strange mode of "calm before the storm" as Hurricane Irene makes her way north.  She made landfall this morning at Cape Lookout, NC.  To think that we were on North Carolina shores just one week ago, savoring the last day of a beautiful vacation week, so hard to comprehend given the newscasts and weather updates on my television this morning.  I hope that the people and residences of Emerald Isle weather the storm without too much trauma, and that the entire east coast comes out of this OK.  I don't know if such hope is realistic, but I'll hold on to it.

My sister Anne and me, on Emerald Isle.
One week ago today, August 20, 2011

L-R:  Will, Patrick, Anne, John, Jeannie
Jack, Kristin, Megan, Ben

My nephews Jack and Ben headed north to come home to Saratoga Springs (along with Jack's fiancee Kristin, Kristin's sister, and Ben's girlfriend Megan), ahead of any mandatory evacuations of Brooklyn, NY, and Hoboken, NJ.  I am so grateful that they had the wisdom to make that decision.  There has never been a mandatory evacuation of New York City, which is telling in regard to the potential danger from this storm. 

As I look out my living room window, the sun is brightly shining.  Barely a leaf is moving.  Katie and Bill have cleared their yard of lawn furniture and outdoor toys.  There's still a HUGE boat in the driveway, covered by three canopies on poles, and I have to wonder what will happen to that set-up if we get the 40-60 mph winds that are predicted for our specific area.  And then there's the chicken coop and its residents.  Don't even want to think about that.  Meanwhile, we wait for Irene to make her presence known, some time around midnight tonight with pounding rains predicted for all day tomorrow. 

To pass some time today while the sun is still shining, we're heading to the Washington County Fair.  I wonder if all those farm animals have a sense of what is about to come their way.  You often hear of animals being aware long before humans of pending natural storms and disasters.

Best of luck to all of you along the east coast, especially those in Irene's path.  I did hear of one good tip -- fill your bathtubs with water so you will be able to flush your toilets.  That's something I'd never have thought to do, and though it is not the most glamorous helpful-hint, it sure could make life easier if we lose power!

Take good care!

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