Thursday, August 18, 2011

Natural Beauty

There is so much natural beauty here in Emerald Isle on the Crystal Coast of North Carolina.  There are no high rises on the horizon, no major shopping malls.  The beaches are lined with houses, some rentals and some belonging to full-year residents.  This particular neighborhood seems to be a mix of rentals and private homes, and the developers were sensititve to maintaining the natural surroundings, leaving an unspoiled habitat for wildlife.  Deer can be seen by the ponds at sundown, and they feel safe enough to continue grazing as cars drive by.  Sea turtle nests line the beach, and while we missed the baby turtles annual migration to the sea this year, we've seen it other years, and it is an amazing natural wonder. 

This is a quiet place to vacation.  There are no chain restaurants along the high way.  If you choose to have dinner out, locally-owned and operated restaurants are available, though there isn't an abundance.  We choose to eat in every night, and since I love to cook, and Anne and John are in the process of renovating their kitchen at home, a dinner around the table is especially appreciated right now.  We ordered pizza and wings for dinner last night, just to take a little break, though Anne said it didn't seem the same without me creating in the kitchen!  Something was missing!  Tonight we're going to do a regular cook out, and I'll be making my sea shell macaroni salad with tuna and egg.  We'll have one more big cooking night tomorrow, and then something simple Saturday night before we have to (sadly) leave this amazing place Sunday morning. 

Here are some photos from yesterday's day at the beach, and more.  I know I'll be coming back to these posts again and again, especially in the middle of a northeast winter, to re-live the warmth and sunshine of EI, NC.

Wednesday's photos - click to enlarge!