Friday, July 20, 2012

Cupcake Wedding Cake

A few months back, a friend from work, Pat, asked if I would make the wedding cake for her son and his fiance.  She was interested in a cupcake wedding cake, and it just so happens that I have a custom-made-handy-dandy cupcake stand.  It was decided that there'd be 150 cupcakes (yellow and chocolate) with buttercream frosting, and a matching 8-inch top tier.

As the date (today, as a matter of fact) drew closer, I planned the cake in my head.  Pat had provided color swatches of a pretty cornflower blue and an earthy golden yellow.  I decided to make blue fondant flowers for half the cupcakes, and piped yellow flowers for the other half, and then tie those colors into the top tier as well.

Pat provided the cake topper, a very cute (if not foreboding!) sculpture of a determined bride dragging what appears to be a reluctant groom, though I am sure that this whimsical topper is no indication of Dave's attitude about getting married.  I am sure he's thrilled and equally happy/nervous/excited/etc. state of anticipation that accompanies every marriage.  Even though I was only 20 years old the day I was married, I remember manifesting all those emotions, as did everyone present, I'm sure!  Getting married is a very big deal, and when you're 20, I don't think you're capable of knowing exactly  how big a deal it actually is.  Perhaps that's why I am decidedly single now (though very happily attached in a not-so-conventional way to my long-term/long distance --and did I say very handsome?--bf Russ!!!).

I am in awe of those who have succeeded in marriage for decades and who've grown together from young adulthood into their entrance into the golden years.  Geez - how DO they do that???  I am afraid that is one area where I may never know success.  There are great examples in my own close and extended families, and also some of my best friends.  It was especially evident last week at Jack and Kristin's wedding in "Boca" -- with couples dancing and the longest-married the last on the floor after the DJ eliminated those married for shorter periods of time.  My sister Patsy and her husband Don were just about the last to go, looking much too young for such an honor, but a real significant indication of the longest marriage was when my brother-in-law John's mother Shirley danced with all four of her Bishop grandsons, standing in for Shirley's husband Clay who'd already left the reception for the hotel (we partied past midnight!).  When I saw each of my nephews tap the other on the shoulder to cut in for a chance to dance with their Grandma, I got all choked up.  Have I told you 1,000 times yet what great boys they all are?  (Well, they are!)....

Anyway, I digress as I always seem to.  Forgive me for indulging in this year of intense weddinghood for my family.  I particularly feel the significance of commitment, ritual, tradition, and beauty that such a promise brings to not only a couple, but to their families and friends.  In less than 3 months, my daughter Tricia and her fiance Jeff will say their vows in front of family and friends, so the happy anticipation continues!

To wrap it all up, here's a little snapshot of today's wedding cake, for Pat's son Dave and his lovely bride. I so  hope they loved it...


  1. Jeannie, I LOVE reading your blog and while the words about your latest baking is great what pulls me in is your writing about you and your family. There always seems to be something that I can relate to even so small... I married Tom when I was 20 years old and am happy to say that last month we celebrated our 25th anniversary a week after Jess and Dan were married. Jess also had the longest married couple dance and I watched my mom and dad dance being the next to the last couple. Mom and Dad have been married 48 years. And I can almost picture the Bishop grandsons dancing with their Grandma as Cam dancing with his Grandma at Jess' wedding is a fond memory of mine (and happy that the photographer got a great picture of them!)

    As for the cupcake wedding cake - love the colors and the way you created the cupcakes similiarly but having a bit of individuality through the piping and fondant. Another wonderful creation!

  2. Jeannie ,love the story..but even after 35 years being married to John ..I sometimes wonder how we have lasted so long..its not always wine and say the least.The wedding cupcake was a fantastic job as usual. Your friend is lucky to have a loving cake maker!

  3. What a beautiful job you did with the cupcakes! I'm sure that the bride and groom were could they not be? Here's to a long and happy marriage!