Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lake Dippin' in the Adirondacks!

If I was forced to choose, I'd have to say that my favorite summer place to be is by the Atlantic seashore, anywhere from Maine to Florida, though I have really only experienced a handful of beaches along the coast.   As children, we spent summer weekends on Long Island (Fire Island, Robert Moses State Park), and the Jersey shore (Stone Harbor, Avalon, Spring Lake).  My favorite memories are of family vacations to Stone Harbor in NJ and also to Robert Moses State Park in Long Island (with our Cella/McGeehan cousins). Our parents and all seven kids would load into the station wagon and join the hoards of people heading south and east to do the same thing -- enjoy the sun, sea, and surf that only a beach vacation can provide, whether it's for a Sunday afternoon or an entire week.  There's nothing quite so revitalizing. There are still many east coast beaches on my list, and hopefully I'll be visiting them in the not-too-distant future!

Because we are inlanders now and live hours from the nearest low- or high-tide, the very next best thing to the waves and dunes is a trip to Lake George, or any Adirondack Lake, where I can travel to in an hour or less and feel as though I'm far away from home.  I especially love Lake George.  It pulls me with such magnetic force on any summer day with warm temperatures and bright skies.  Within the past week, I spent time in Fourth Lake in Luzurne with my daughter Katie and her husband Bill, and grandsons Hank and Pete, and the next day took off for a solo and beautifully peaceful morning on the beach of Rogers Memorial Park in Bolton Landing (Lake George).  Then Tuesday I spent the afternoon with friends on the dock of Wiawaka's boat house (also Lake George).

I so love the Adirondacks and its lakes, but especially Lake George, a true gift to those of us who live close enough to enjoy visiting often.  Tomorrow I'm back to writing about muffins (orange cranberry to be specific) but in the meantime,  here are some photos of this week's lake visits...  Can't wait to dip my toes into the lake again, as soon as possible!!!

Fourth Lake in Luzurne, New York
Wiawaka, on the south east shore of Lake George
Bolton Landing, New York (Lake George!)


  1. I love that you got some time away!!! And who doesn't love time on any lake in the ADK's?!? Nothing better!!

  2. And Colleen - a wedding on an Adirondack lake is the ultimate, right? Here's to your wedding in 100 days at that beautiful, beautiful place, and my own daughter Tricia's just two weeks before. :)

  3. There is something so calming about being near water, whether it's an ocean, lake or stream. Tina, Teresa and I were at the Yankee Candle Flagship store last weekend and as Teresa and I walked past some water features I stopped and said to her 'What is it about the sound of's just so relaxing'. It seems to affect many of us in the same way Jeannie. I'm glad that you had a chance to enjoy the peacefulness of water several times recently...with family, with friends and even some in solitude. Hoping you're feeling renewed.

  4. There is a definite calling when it comes to water and my inner spirit. I could sit on a beach or rock and reflect for hours. Even my pool is a place of calm for me. I truly understand your draw to bodies of water. Remember the pool is always open when you can't get away. Hope you get to all your desired retreats Jeanne!
    Love, Lynn

  5. Jeannie, wonderful pictures. Each one of the "water" pictures could be used as wallpaper for my computer desk top. It sounds like you were able to take in fully the opportunities to relax and renew. Sometimes we all get too busy, involved, and forget to take the "me" time that we so deserve. To spend that time at the water's edge was what you needed for yourself. There truly is something so wonderful about being by water of any kind. There are some evenings I do not even get into the pool at our house - but just sit at the pool's edge and just do nothing!