Sunday, June 20, 2010

Babies, Daddies, and Grandpas

Today centered around celebrating two babies' birthdays.  First was my great-nephew Max's party at Sartatoga Lake.  The party was held at Water's Edge, and to those of us who can remember, it is the location of the former Kaydeross Park.  Max's party was held beyond the pool in a grove of trees that overlooks the lake as it curves northward toward the Route 9P bridge.  It was a glorious day with cool, gentle breezes off the lake.  Kate, Bill, and I headed toward the sandy beach to let Henry test the waters.  He played with his cousins Matty and Alexis, and didn't seem to have any fear of the water.  He liked it alot (and swallowed a bit of it, I'm afraid).

Max's Cake

Max, digging in...

The unusual thing about today's parties is that I didn't bake the cakes.  A friend of Max's grandmother Nancy made an adorable Yankee-themed cake.  She baked one small "baseball" which Max got to dive into, and he went to town!

Leaving Max's party, I headed around Rt. 9P to enjoy the ride around the lake.  It was such a beautiful day I didn't mind the longer route.  I wanted to stop along the way a couple of times, but didn't because I was already running late for the next party, for my great-neice Scarlet's big first birthday bash in a lovely little neighborhood in Ballston Spa.

Scarlet's cake was baked by Lauren's friend Emily, who does incredibly artistic work.  Lauren asked Emily to replicate the design of Scarlet's favorite blanket, and you can see by the picture  here that she did an amazing job with fondant figures, hand-painted paisley design, and cut out fondant-flowers all mirroring the pretty quilt which served as the tablecloth beneath the 3-tiered confection.  The inside of the cake was brightly marbled in white with neon shades of purple, yellow, and pink.  It was a happy cake, inside and out!

Adam and Max

Rob and Scarlet

Bill and Henry

Rob and his Dad Bob's Rotisserie Contraption!
(Great pork and turkey!)

Today was a good way to spend the eve of Father's Day.  Henry got to spend time with his Grandpa Gene (uppermost left-hand photo).  Max enjoyed time with both his grandfathers, Don and Charlie.  Scarlet's two grandpas, Bill and Bob, were all together at her party.  It was just a great family day all around. 

HAPPY FATHERS' DAY TO ALL THE DADS AND GRANDPAS I know, and to my own father Alfred J. O'Farrell.  It's been 17 years and we all miss you every day. 

Photos: by me

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