Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Good Morning Sunshine and Perfect Poached Eggs

The sun rose this morning and welcomed me awake through the blinds in my bedroom, shining brightly between the slats of the window shade.   It's such a natural way to wake up, so I quickly turned off the harsh and annoying alarm on my cell phone (that's my alarm now) before it had a chance to go off and ruin the sweet silence of this morning's solar wake up call.

Looking at that little ball of sunshine, I immediately thought, "poached eggs."  My mother loved poached eggs, and I am a fan as well, having been on a poached egg kick lately.  In the exercise study I'm in, I've learned that other forms of cooking eggs actually change their chemistry, rendering them less nutritionally sound, especially fried but even scrambled. Hard boiled or poached are great ways to eat eggs.  I used to have one of those handy-dandy poaching pots.  Not using it.  After previous failed attempts at the "au natural" method, last week I took a deep breath and decided "I can do this!".  I went old school and poached like the pioneers of poaching:  swirling simmering water with a little salt and a teaspoon of vinegar (which keeps the whites intact), carefully transferring the egg from a little cup into the hot water, turning off the heat, covering the pot, and walking away for exactly three minutes.  Gently drained by slotted spoon, the eggs were then ready to crown my toasted whole-wheat english muffin.  And I have to tell you, they were luxurious! 

So here's the recipe:


Spray the bottom of sauce pan or sautee pan with a little bit of cooking spray which will keep the eggs from sticking.  Fill pan 3" deep with water.  Add 1 teaspoon vinegar and a few pinches of salt.  Cover and bring to a simmering boil.

Crack eggs into small cups (I use a little pyrex dish).  Swirl the water with a wooden spoon.  Gently lower edge of cup into water and release egg.  You can fit a few into the pan so make as many as you need, two or three, or if you're using a larger pan, more.  Cover the pan, turn off the heat, set the timer for 3 minutes, and walk away.   At three minutes, using a slotted spoon, gently drain and place on toasted and lightly buttered bread or English muffin.

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  1. So funny you posted this today! Over this past weekend I had a craving for poached eggs and I found my 'handy dandy' egg poacher - only it didn't work so well :o( I am going to be brave and try your method! I'll let you know the results!

  2. Isn't it always the simplest things??? I LOVE poached eggs, especially when topping a great hearty bread or english muffin. Mmmmmmmmmm...